About me

Bio & Expertise

My name is Ties (pronounce: Tees) and I am a photography enthusiast, based in The Netherlands, about 30km from Amsterdam.

I like taking beautiful pictures of people, buildings and landscapes that last. I find low light situations to be extra interesting and challenging.

My work focuses on preserving a moment in time, preserving memories that matter.

Always experimenting with new techniques, I'm using Canon cameras and lenses.

Get your personal copy

Some intriguing images are for sale in my store. I can print a copy on paper, glass, wood or other materials and many sizes. You can always make a special request.

I only sell five copies of each image, to ensure your image remains (almost) one of a kind.

Like to work with me?

Have an upcoming project? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

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